We offer a full package of promotion services to enterprises that

already work or are aiming to work in the E-commerce industry all over the world.


Our main goal is to help our customers to boost sales, engage new clients and audiences and raise product awareness ONLINE!

UPUP team members are experienced specialists in digital marketing who acquire results by detailed ads data analysis. We don’t play with our customers and don’t promise that an outcome will be easy and fast, but it will be significant for sure.

We’ll do our best with your budget and time will be spent efficiently.


There is no way to a successful promotion without market understanding. 

In this section we determine basic needs, visions, concepts and plans. We provide deep market segmentation of customer’s field, and according to survey’s data prepare marketing strategy and choose advertising tools.

We apply our best skills and experience to allocate specific, special features of your products and services. Then, we lay them out into small pieces and integrate them into different campaign types.

Colours, shapes, contrasts, fonts, expositions mood…

In the reality of visual solutions, every pixel, colour choice, and graphic element holds significant weight. Just like in the world of language, visuals convey powerful messages that can captivate an audience and drive action.

Some campaigns need photos; others need videos or graphic design.

UPUP designers work out visual solutions that are mostly relevant to the exact field. Before we do, we always research and discover valuable tips and concepts. 

State-of-the-art copy is a pretty fragile constituent of online marketing.

Every word or its absence is important. Call to action, catchy phrases, slogans that engage and other types of advertising texts that really work…

We know how to find out those valuable words, we know how to estimate the best of them and create new, even more efficient ones.

Efficient promotion that really sells and engages largely depends on online technologies and adjustment skills.

First of all, the tools we use help us to analyse tons of information that comes before, during and after promotion. This way we get structured statistics that make results clear and, in cooperation with experience, impact future decisions. We don’t just make a vision of work being done, but we work hard for substantial results.

The second part is a campaign setup. Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN offer fast and functional campaign adjustment tools.

UPUP targetologists are aware about the latest updates and useful specifics of these tools. We know exactly what should be combined to engage profitable outcomes and lead your message to an ideal customer.

Take a look at the services we provide…