Ads on websites

If the goal is to showcase your products and services to a wider audience and increase awareness of your brand, display ads are the right way to go.

You see them every time around the internet, exactly those pop up ads and banners on your favourite web pages.

UPUP can place your ad blocs (usually image/animation + changing engaging text + link to your website) to almost every type of web pages all around the world (news, entertainment, business, e-commerce, blogs websites etc.).  

There are four available settings types of Display Ads

Remarketing ads:

If you ever made any marketing campaign online, you probably already have some data about your web visitors, customers who placed the orders and users who interacted with your campaign in other ways.

Re-targeting display ads can be activated exactly for this audience. That is awesome because these users are already familiar with your brand name and the services you provide.

This ad type can bring significant results in a short time, because people trust brands that they can recognise and brands that they have already met before.

Personalised ads:

This adjustment type could be an additional bonus to the previous.

UPUP targetologists launch display ads for an audience that is formed from people who look similar to those who already interacted with your content and who have the same characteristics in common with your existing audience.

This audience type is a perfect match to engage new customers, because they have demonstrated interest in services and products of your niche.

Contextually targeted ads:

This method is suitable for almost every business, particularly for those with specific preferences regarding the characteristics of potential customers and the web pages where ads will be placed.

The basic setting options include website content type, ad topics and keywords, page central theme, language settings, location targeting, and user search browsing histories.

Then we launch a campaign that best aligns with the characteristics of your product or service, creating the perfect online showcase.

Placement targeting:

One of the options you can choose is to place banner ads to a specific website that you choose yourself.

This method looks similar to the previous one but, in this case, a group of websites is formed automatically according to characteristics and keywords.

UPUP graphic designers are ready to prepare all required content in the best way.

We integrate psychology methods into copywriting, graphics and visuals creation.

Banners that we create don’t only attract attention, but also call prospective customers to action.