“Good marketing makes the company look smart.

Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

– Joe Chernov

Marketing as a constituent of every business model. 

Almost everyone in the contemporary world is faced with marketing on a daily basis. When it comes to private persons, they basically recognise the final stage – they see advertising materials all over around them – TV commercials, posters in the media, outdoor advertising banners on streets or highways, discount campaigns and much more. But to understand marketing more deeply, it’s worthwhile to look at it from the business side; marketing is an activity that a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. 

smart Constituent of each movement.

If we take an average business model we will see how many processes depend on marketing. You can create an impressive product or service, but if you have no idea how to convert this to potential customers, you will likely fail. To guarantee successful commercial growth, every business owner should implement marketing constituents into every level of his or her business. This all begins from a well-built market and competitor research.

Then, we go to strategy. In this stage every business motion and aspect need to be planned from the perspective of marketing: approach to an audience, customer value, design of package, way of promotion, sales talks, price policy, marketplaces, advertising budgets, list of contractors and the most valuable part of today’s world – digital marketing tools and services. If all these components are designed with the help of professional marketers, commercial success will come fast.

But, if a businessperson(usually a specialist in any other field outside of marketing) worked on this plan by him or themself, it will take months, or even years, of changes and adjustments of all components to gain profitable results. In the second case you will face another problem – a fast growing marketing industry. 

Minimize risks.

Why is it beneficial to turn to marketing agencies? When it comes to fixing a specific part of a technological system, for example if your computer or home’s heating smart system crashes, would you prefer to call a proficient master or will you try to fix it yourself? Those who will decide to solve a problem on their own may not only intensify damage, but they risk bringing down the system. The same principle applies to marketing promotions. There is no need to spend an infinite amount of time and money on just trying to build a “strong” marketing strategy.

Cooperation with marketing agencies will not only help you to save money, time and nerves, but also to build a smart working strategy and determine processes needed for gradual but high company growth. Marketers have a bunch of state-of-the-art knowledge and experiences that are tested, that really work. Marketers help to properly pack a product, determine worthy price policy(discounts, 2+1, packages prices and club member prices etc.), place this product on the right storefront(online, wholesale partnerships, social media marketplaces), work out an efficient promotion strategy and implement this at every stage. 

There is no significant growth without investing.

Why shouldn’t you be scared to invest in marketing? The answer is too easy – because it will ensure your business growth. The main point is to invest a fixed percentage of your business revenue, usually 10% on average. And it is absolutely ok if now 10% is too much for you; it doesn’t mean that you can’t to allocate a smaller percentage. Even if you start with 2% your business will be provided with a valuable engine that generates future sales leads. A 2% investment may guarantee gradual but sufficient growth, and after one or two years you will likely raise this to 10%. 

To consider marketing from all angles will take a long, long time. The main idea we all need to understand is that marketing has become an essential part of our life, that it stands on the framework of every business. Marketing helps us to bring ideas to the masses; it helps us to understand the market better, more deeply. By investing in marketing we provide market development and purchasing power that leads us all to a successful, qualified bright future.