“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.”

What exactly digital marketing is?

Last decades of human development impacted everything around us. The most impressive part of it are technologies. They were integrated in every knowledge, every science and industry, so is marketing. If you use Internet and electronic devices to activate, analyse or create an advertising, in 95% you likely deal with digital marketing. Sure, everything is not so easy, so let’s look at this new era component of marketing more deeply.

online storefront

Development of technologies created a totally new parallel world called online space. Before, we needed to execute physical action to get food or enjoy a stage performance. Today, we have everything online on our screens. Range of products and services we consume on a daily basis extends rapidly, that entails devising new online “storefronts”. By “storefronts” we mean websites or applications that provide us specific services we use for our fun and convenience and basically for free. Most popular of them are searching platforms(Google, Yahoo etc.) and social(in some cases professional) media (Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter etc.). Into the same category we can add as well media (BBC, CNN, ABC etc.), entertainment websites (youtube, netflix, spotify etc.) and independent marketplaces (Amazon, Aliexpress etc.). Sure there are some other specific categories, but those five are more familiar to us. Some of them were founded 10-20 years ago, others in the past few years. Some of them reached an audience volume of billion users, others just millions, but the main point we need to concentrate on is that they all offer us advertising space to promote our services and products online.

integrated tools

Online advertising tools are basically the most important part of digital marketing. Nowadays market is full of universal technical online solutions that not only activate ads, but also help us to analyse advertising data and prepare more qualified ad materials. The most popular tools are Google and Facebook advertising engines. In two words, they have online integrated tools that lead advertising messages to audiences. All you need to do is just add ad texts, media, links, payment method and that’s it, advertising is activated. These kinds of tools are called Search engine and Social media marketing tools and almost every social media and search website has them. Sure, the quality and prices of those advertisements depends on knowledge of those tools and marketing at all, so if you value money and time, you better turn to experienced marketing agencies for help.

Crucial extra tools

Facebook and Google ads engines are the smallest piece of the cake of marketing tools. Thanks to rapidly developing technologies we have a bunch of other digital marketing tools. For those who want to structure information on their web pages for better organic promotion can use Website analytics tools that actually simplify preparations for the next one tool called SEO (search engine optimization) tools.

Next are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. These are actually extra needed for big companies that have many clients and who aim to enhance the way of customer service because these tools help to organise reminders, statistics visualisation and other valuable day to day tasks and processes. Let’s go further, and there we see Email Marketing tools. As you already see from the name of the tool, they help to lead ad messages by e-mails, same as simplify and automate this process.

Next one we want to list are Graphic creation tools. Sure, they won’t create state-of-the-art content by themself, but significantly simplify this process and help you to create qualified graphic design, motions or just pictures. And the queen and the king of advertising tools are Conversion optimization and Ad data analytics tools that like we say give us numerical & statistical feedback of executed ad companies. Using those two in combination with marketing knowledge helps to improve performance of future campaigns.

Be careful…

So using those solutions for the purpose of promoting your brand means that you use or implement digital marketing. The more tools you use, the more chances your business has for rapid and successful growth. But please, be careful in choosing them, because nowadays the market is full of useless and at the same time expensive platforms and services. Cooperation with marketing agencies is always more beneficial and reliable way of promoting.